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How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

It's heating up outside! Your AC is aboutto get into high gear! Like any appliance inside your house, your airconditioner & air ducts will do their best with regular maintenance. Airduct cleaning is one of the essential services you can consider to ensure thelongevity of your HAVC system.

With everyday usage, the HAVC system getsdirty! Unfortunately, your air ducts are a favorite place for dirt, dust,allergens & other debris. These harmful elements can affect the indoor airquality of your house and make your system work harder, which will increaseyour energy bills and shorten the lifespan of your system.

Do you want to know whether your ducts needto be cleaned or not? Here are five clear signs that can tell!

·        Mold

Mold can't only spread quickly inside yourhouse, but it can affect your respiratory system & breathing. If you livein a humid climate, you will find mold buildup inside your air ducts quickly& around your air vent covers.

While it's hard to spot mold growth, itwill present itself in the form of musty odors!

·        Dust

Is your house dusty, although of how youoften clean it? Dusting is a thing that we have to do from time to time. Whenyou notice that your house surfaces covered with dust almost right aftercleaning your cleaning supplies, you probably have to clean your air duct!

By changing your HAVC system filtersfrequently, you will prevent future dust buildup. Also, you can run airpurifiers to trap a variety of airborne particles!

·        Insects & Pests

Mice, squirrels, & insects can maketheir way into your air ducts from time to time. They make nests behind &leave tiny spores along the ducts! These spores can make their way inside yourhouse & affect the air quality of your indoor air.

If you neglect this issue, it can lead tostructural damages as your HAVC system won't work efficiently & increaseyour high energy bills.

·        Renovation or Just built Houses

Constructions are messy even if contractorsare cleaning up to keep the site tidy! Dust & debris will find their wayin. keep your HAVC system always covered in & not turned on to keep itclean, or dust will make its way into your ductwork.

·        Raised Energy Costs

Your yearly heating & cooling costsshould be predictable. If you receive a high bill compared to the last year,dirty ducts might be the one to blame! Out of dirt, your ducts will have towork harder than they should to flow air freely & efficiently through yourhouse.

Hiring an air duct cleaning service won'tonly remove any harmful contaminants but also protect your loved ones.

Need a Professional Airduct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning isn't a thing that youcan attempt on your own! It's a complex process that requires advancedknowledge of the HAVC system & specialized tools. All you have to do iscalling Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX to get your air ducts cleanedregularly with the help of professional hands!


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