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How Often Should a Dryer Vent Be Cleaned?

How Often Should a Dryer Vent Be Cleaned?

You have to realize the differencebetween cleaning the dryer trap and the vent. After each load, you need toclean the lint trap from any dirt, debris, and caught lint. However, your ventneeds to be cleaned at least once a year. But you may need more than that. Maybethe vent should be inspected and cleaned three times a year.

Notice please that the lint trap cannot catch all the lint, so with time, the lint built-up increases and clogs thedryer vent. Your dryer vents work in heating the air to dry out the wetclothes. After that, it gets rid of this heat from the vents. So, the lingclogs stop this breathing process for the dryer, which causes overheating thedryer. Actually, this lint is a flammable fabric. So, it reacts with theoverheating of the dryer, results in dryer fire hazards.

Then, What Are the Factorsthat Determine How Often should a Vent Be Cleaned!

Thesize of the household and dryer usage is the 1st thing you have toput into considerations when determining “how often should a vent be cleaned!” As peryour family size, loads ofclothes that need to be washed each day are determined. The more loads of clothes atthe dryer each day, the more amount of lint it accumulates. Therefore, it needsmore cleaning process for this lint.

Notjust the number of the family members but also the pet's presence determines howto clean your dryer vent. Pets' existence in the home means that the vents willget clogged more quickly because of the fur and pet hair. So, essential toclean the dryer frequently.

Bulkyitems like blankets and towels, wool products, and new clothes produce morelint. Therefore, you need to clean your dryer vents several times a year.

Infact, some signs warning that you are near to the risk of dryer fires. Oncerealizing these points, you have to hurry up as fast as possible to clean yourdryer vent, far away from the above rules.

Signs Tells It is Time ForDryer Vent Cleaning

If your dryer needs more cycles at eachload, while the amount of the garments the same, then you need to clean yourvent. Do you notice a mold smell that catches your clothes and comes from yourdryer? Is your dryer too hot to touch, and yourclothing is hot too? Is there high moisture in the laundry room? Are there debrisand lint around the dryer hose and outside dryervent opening? Does not the vent hood flap open properly!Is there a strange burning smell on the clothes, and comes from the dryermachine?


If you notice one sign or more, do nothesitate to Call Air Duct Cleaning Houston right now & we will clean your vent.


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