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Benefits of Cleaning

Save Money on Electricity
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How To Clean Air Ducts Yourself?

How To Clean Air Ducts Yourself?

When your air ducts are clean, your HAVCsystem will last for a longer time due to less dirt, which will make usdustless & breathe in cleaner air. For those with allergies, this would bean improvement.

Probably, you don't have a high-poweredtruck-mounted vacuum system as you won't be able to afford its cost. However,you can follow this article to know how to clean your air ducts yourself! To beclear, you won't be able to reach every single cranny & nook as "AirDuct Cleaning Houston" experts, but you can eliminate 85% of thedust trapped inside.

H2/ What's Needed For Duct Cleaning?

·        Vacuum

·        Brush

·        Screwdriver

·        Paper Towel

·        Furnace Filter

H2/ Duct Cleaning Step By Step

1.      Cover YourSupply Air Registers:

Use the paper towels to cover the supplyregisters to keep the dislodged dust from escaping the rooms while working.

2.      Turn On TheFan:

It will help if you run the fan whilecleaning to move all dust & make it loosen while brushing.  If you don't have the fan option, you can runthe heat.

3.      Check TheFilter:

Ensure that your filter is in place so thatloose dust doesn't get in the fan motor!

4.      Loosen DustIn Ducts:

Knock loosen any dust buildup inside yourductwork. Take the brush & begin tapping on your ductwork. This will breakup any deposits of dust that might be stuck inside.

5.      Clean TheSupply Registers:

Sweep out the dust inside your supplyregisters. Use the vacuum to catch any dust pushed out by the fan. Use thebrush to loosen any buildup dust inside your register. You can remove the papertowel you placed along the way

6.      Clean TheReturn Air Registers

Sweep out the return air registers. Thiswill be fastened by using the screw to remove them. Then, brush and sweep intoyour register pipes as you can.

7.      Shut Off TheFan & Furnace:

Don't just shut off the thermostat only becausethey don't turn off the unit power.

8.      Clean TheBlower & Return Air Boot:

While the power is off, you can remove thepanels of your furnace & access the blower compartment & return the airboot by using the vacuum to sweep up dust built up inside.

9.      Replace TheFurnace Filter

A better filter will cut down the dustinside your house. The better filter, the more often you change it. How oftenyou should vary depending on your home, pets & location.

However, it can't handle all these steps;you can count on "Air Duct Cleaning Houston" and avoid all these steps as we can clean up yourducts quickly within a couple of hours.



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