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Is Air Duct Cleaning A Rip-off?

Is Air Duct Cleaning A Rip-off?

Air duct cleaning is popular in recentyears in "Houston, Texas," as many commercial cleaningservices are popping up everywhere. But do you wonder if the service worth itor it is just a scam or a Rip-off? Here's some information to help you decidewhether your home might benefit from the HVC duct cleaning or not.


Air Duct Cleaning Service

Professional air duct cleaning techs usespecialized vacuums, blowers, & brushes to clean out ductwork ideally.Ductwork cleaning should also involve cleaning the air handler, grilles,registers, fans, motors & coils of your HAVC system.

No current research proves that routineduct cleaning improves your indoor air quality or reduces dust inside yourhouse. However, there is evidence that dirty heating & cooling parts canmake your HAVC system less efficient.

There are some specific cases you will findair duct cleaning necessary at & very useful as well.

Should You Clean Your Ducts?

Unless your ducts are filthy & requirecleaning, there's no reason to clean yours! Due to indoor air quality concerns,you will find many companies scam people that their ducts need cleaning even ifthey aren't dirty!

Air Duct Cleaning Houston recommends cleaning your air ducts &HAVC system only if they are contaminated. If it's done correctly, it will keepyour system working efficiently. But, you don't have to put air duct cleaningon your regular maintenance list.

You should only clean your air ducts if anyof the conditions in your case.

·        Renovation

If you remodeled your house recently andthere is asbestos, paint removal, or dust, your ductwork may need immediatecleaning. You should seal your ducts during renovations as if they weren't;dangerous dust & debris will suck inside!

·        Insects & Animals

If you suspect or there is any evidence ofanimals nesting inside your ducts or HAVC system. It would help if you asked AirDuct Cleaning Houston for cleaning your ductwork.

·        Mold & Mildew

If there is mold & mildew growth insideyour ducts, you should clean your ducts professionally.

·        Contaminants

When you notice pet hair or debris beingreleased into your room through the ducts, you have to clean and vacuum your vents.

·        Illness:

If anyone of your family members suffersfrom an unexplained allergy, you should consider your HAVC system and air ductscleaning.

Avoid Scams!

If you live in " Houston,Texas," be aware that some companies charge high fees for a poor job. Theymight claim that you have toxic substances inside your ducts for extra money!Thus, you must count on a trustworthy service like Air Duct Cleaning Houstonfor a professional air duct cleaning at cheap prices.


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