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Our air duct cleaning services are delivered by our professionally trained uniformed, bonded and insured technicians with over 15 years of experience in the ducting field backed by our 100% customer satisfaction and warranty.

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Benefits of Cleaning

Save Money on Electricity
Home Cools and Heats Faster
Better Respiratory Health
Less Dusting
Improve Indoor Air Quality
Sleep Better at Night
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Is Duct Cleaning A Waste Of Money?

Is Duct Cleaning A Waste Of Money?

If you wonder whether duct cleaning is a waste ofmoney, the answer is definitely "NO"! air duct cleaning is essentialto enhance your indoor air quality. However, when your HAVC system is dirty, itwill blow dust & dirt although your house. This is certainly not good foryour health or anyone inside your home.

If you think that this job is ultimately hard for you& you are ready to enhance your ducts' work, give Air Duct CleaningHouston a call. We are prepared to help you at any time as we're only onephone call away! So, call us now.

What are Ducts Cleaning Means?

Professional air duct cleaning is a process by whichtechs clear away all buildup dust & dirt that accumulate over time insideyour ductwork. Unfortunately, it's not only disgusting; it is also unhealthy& can end with dangerous consequences as mold & mildew.

Air Duct Cleaning Houston techs will clean your ductwork by blowing away all debris and dirt,brushing them & inspecting it very well for potential problems.

How To Know It's Time For Duct Cleaning?

If you wonder how often you have to clean your ducts,this depends on your lifestyle. For instance, if you have pets, you have toclean your ducts more frequently to prevent animal dander buildup. This isessential, especially if you have someone who suffers from allergies.

Here are some factors that determine how often toclean yours:

·        The numberof people in your family who suffer from allergy or asthma

·        Water damage& mold buildup within your house.

·        You haverecently had remodeling or renovation.

·        You livewith someone who smokes.

How Often Should You Clean Your Ducts?

Air Duct Cleaning Houston techs perform professional duct cleaning once a year to keep it workingvery well. In addition, they will inspect your ducts for any hidden damages forimmediate repair & prevent catastrophic damage.

However, if you have any family member suffering fromasthma, you should clean it more frequently. So it's a good idea to schedulethe cleaning service you need by calling us today!

Why Hire Professional Cleaners?

First of all, the savings you will save! You will keepyour money wasted on high utility bills out of running your HAVC system for a longtime to fulfill its required task. So, what you will save on your utilitybills, you will save on your utility bills!

When you decide that you need professional ductcleaners, count on Air Duct Cleaning Houston. For us, there is nothingmore important than your health & the health of your loved ones. If youneglect the cleaning of your HAVC system, you are putting yourself in danger!

Now, do you still believe that air duct cleaning is awaste of money? Give us a call now & breathe well!


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