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Signs of Air Duct Leaks

Signs of Air Duct Leaks

Have you ever felt that your AC or furnacedoesn't work as well as it supposed to be? But have you checked the filters& kept on regular maintenance & cleaned the grills & still there issomething wrong? Probably your air ducts are leaking! Now we will tell you howto know if you have this issue & how to solve it.

Air Duct Leaks Are Common A Thing

The energy star declared that typical homeshave at least some duct holes, tears, or poor connections that can result inleaks! This can result in the loss of 20 to 30 pounds of air circulation insideyour "Houston, Texas" house. It won't only cause inadequateheating & cooling performance, but it will also eat away your energy bills!

Signs Your Air Ducts Are Leaking!

Some warning signs indicate the conditionof your air ducts leaks, especially if everything else is already checked!These warning signs include:

·        Inadequate heating & cooling performance.

·        High utility bills more than usual despite the sameusage.

·        Dusty & stuffy rooms than usual.

·        Twisted or kinked ductwork parts.

·        You hear or see air escaping from the ductwork.

How To Identify The Problem?

If you suspect that your air ducts areleaking, you should start by inspecting your entire system, including theholes, tears, twists or kinks, & gaps in connection. Make sure that youchecked the crawlspaces & attic of your ductwork. If you already heard airleaking or noticed kinks, find the location by looking around your system.

There could be another hidden issue that'snot obvious yet. Keep a recording of what you are finding by snapping picturesof the problem areas you find. Also, you can call " Air Duct CleaningHouston " professional HAVC cleaners to inspect your system for easierinspection & if this is what you need, give us a call!

The Ideal Solutions!

The first & ideal defense for your airduct leaks is by sealing your system. You can start this task as a DIY projectby using metal tape or mastic sealant. Keep in mind that it's hard to reachplaces as attics or crawl with mastic, which can make your job messy!

Thus, if you think that DIY isn't properfor you, you should contact "Air Duct Cleaning Houston" prosto take a look over your system. By doing so, we can inspect your ducts andadvise whether sealing is a great option or not. There are other solutions as areplacement or upgrading your system.

By counting on us, you add to your home comfort,save on energy bills & add your family's overall health & peace ofmind. Are you in need of a reliable HAVC professional? Give us a call rightaway!


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