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What Happens If You Don't Clean Your Air Ducts?

What Happens If You Don't Clean Your Air Ducts?

When was the last time you checked yourductwork system? It's part of the heating & cooling system that needs toget more attention. Many people don't think about their ducts cleaning tillthere is something broke down.

Proper maintenance of air duct cleaning isessential for so many reasons. What could happen if you don't check out yourducts? Here is some important information you have to know.

What Your Ducts Could Lurk?

You will be surprised by what is trappedinside your system! Here are a few of the contaminants:

·        Dust & Mites

We all spend lots of hours dusting ourfurniture, mopping floors, & vacuuming the carpets as a way to get rid ofdirt and dust. Well, that's great, but what about your air ducts? What aboutthe dust & dust mites that settle inside your ducts?

If you didn't get your ducts cleaned fromtime to time, dust would be part of what you breathe in.

·        Pet Dander

Suppose you have any pet that spends a longtime indoors. You need to think of more than just vacuuming the hair that endsup on your carpet! As the dander will end up inside your air ducts as well. Itwill combine with other contaminants & then vent out the ducts to be partof what you breathe in.

·        Mold & Mildew

Over time out of moisture, mold &mildew grow inside your air ducts. Can you imagine what can happen when the airmoves that mold? Tiny spores are carries into the air that vent to your houserooms & you or your loved ones inhale daily!

·        Remains & Waste

If you have any pest problem, you will findthat it spread through your ducts.do you want the forced air flowing to movethese remains out of your vents?


** other contaminants can end up insideyour HAVC system. But now you know how these contaminants are harmful to anyliving thing!

How Can It Affect Your Health?

Dirty air ducts can make you sick &impact your health. Its impact can appear to be minor initially, but it can endup with serious health issues. Here are some examples of how the dirty ductsystem can cause you:

·        Breathing Issues.

·        Unexplained Fatigue.

·        Sinus Conditions.

·        Itchy & Dirty Skin.

Air duct cleaning is not effective & essentialfor your health; it dramatically impacts your HAVC system efficiency. Dirty airducts shorten the lifespan of your HAVC system & make you go for expensivereplacement.

For that, regular air duct cleaning is amust from time to time or at least once a year to avoid any health issues ormoney loss. Keep your loved ones and house allergy & asthma-free; callprofessional ducts cleaners now!


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