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When Should Air Ducts Be Replaced?

When Should Air Ducts Be Replaced?

Air ducts are the last thing that anyhomeowner thinks about when it comes to HAVC system cleaning. Without airducts, your HAVC system won't carry air from a room to another inside yourhouse. Due to their hidden place, you neglect their cleanliness & eventheir replacement!

How do you know when it's time for a newair duct replacement? Following, you will find five common signs that canindicate when you should replace your air ducts!

Signs YouMay Need Ducts Replacement

1.     Age

Air ducts can last for ten years if you arekeeping them under proper care! However, over time your duct joints, seals, orany other parts deteriorate. This damage causes your HAVC system many problemsas overuse of energy, poor performance & overall discomfort!

Like any appliance, your air ducts wear& tear, so you have to check your ductwork or even replace it every ten years.

2.     Poor Airflow

Your ductwork plays a vital role in theprocess of cooling your indoor space efficiently! If your ductwork is damagedor clogged, your house will suffer the consequences of high-energy bills &discomfort. When you find that your airflow is straining, know it's time for areplacement!

3.     Poor Cooling Performance

If your HAVC system is having troublecooling your house, you may have to inspect your ducts. Many things can strainyour system & make it hard to cool your home. Check your air fitters first,as clogged filters can affect the airflow & cooling performance.

If it doesn't work correctly, have "AirDuct Cleaning Houston TX" licensed HAVC techs to check your ductwork.

4.     NoisyOperation

When there is an issue with your ductworkas clogs or damages, you will find your ductwork being noisy even if this issueis not visible. When you hear a strange noise coming out while running yoursystem, call " Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX " for a repair orreplacement service.

5.     High UtilityBills

If your utility bills keep going up, thereare probably leaks in your ductwork. A professional HAVC tech as " AirDuct Cleaning Houston TX " can test your system and find any hiddenissue. If the leaks are there, you can have your ducts sealed to save energy orhave them replaced to keep your power bills low.


If you live in "Houston, Texas,"count on " Air Duct Cleaning Houston TX " for any repairsor replacement for your air ducts. We have the experience and the requiredtools for such lob, call us now for the cheapest & excellent service


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